Pulitzer Prizes by Year

Joseph Pulitzer
Although the Pulitzer Prizes were provided for in the will of newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer--who died in 1911--the first prizes were not awarded until 1917. In that year only two prizes were given in the Letters and Drama categories; others were added sporadically in the first few years (and the Nonfiction category wasn't added until 1962).

Here, then, are the Prizes organized by year.


History: With Americans of Past and Present Days (Jean Jules Jusserand)
Biography: Julia Ward Howe (Laura E. Richards and Maud Howe Elliott, assisted by Florence Howe Hall)


Fiction: His Family (Ernest Poole)
Drama: Why Marry? (Jesse Lynch Williams)
History: A History of the Civil War, 1861-1865 (James Ford Rhodes)
Biography: Benjamin Franklin, Self-Revealed (William Cabell Bruce)


Fiction: The Magnificent Ambersons (Booth Tarkington)
Biography: The Education of Henry Adams (Henry Adams)


Drama: Beyond the Horizon (Eugene O'Neill)
History: The War with Mexico (Justin H. Smith)
Biography: The Life of John Marshall, 4 vols. (Albert J. Beveridge)


Fiction: The Age of Innocence (Edith Wharton)
Drama: Miss Lulu Bett (Zona Gale)
History: The Victory at Sea (William Sowden Sims and Burton J. Hendrick)
Biography: The Americanization of Edward Bok (Edward Bok)


Fiction: Alice Adams (Booth Tarkington)
Drama: Anna Christie (Eugene O'Neill)
Poetry: Collected Poems (Edwin Arlington Robinson)
History: The Founding of New England (James Truslow Adams)
Biography: A Daughter of the Middle Border (Hamlin Garland)


Fiction: One of Ours (Willa Cather)
Drama: Icebound (Owen Davis)
Poetry: The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver: A Few Figs from Thistles: Eight Sonnets in American Poetry, 1922. A Miscellany (Edna St. Vincent Millay)
History: The Supreme Court in United States History (Charles Warren)
Biography: The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page (Burton J. Hendrick)


Fiction: The Able McLaughlins (Margaret Wilson)
Drama: Hell-Bent Fer Heaven (Hatcher Hughes)
Poetry: New Hampshire: A Poem with Notes and Grace Notes (Robert Frost)
History: The American Revolution: A Constitutional Interpretation (Charles Howard McIlwain)
Biography: From Immigrant to Inventor (Michael I. Pupin)


Fiction: So Big (Edna Ferber)
Drama: They Knew What They Wanted (Sidney Howard)
Poetry: The Man Who Died Twice (Edwin Arlington Robinson)
History: History of the American Frontier (Frederic L. Paxson)
Biography: Barrett Wendell and His Letters (M. A. Dewolfe Howe)


Fiction: Arrowsmith (Sinclair Lewis [declined prize])
Drama: Craig's Wife (George Kelly)
Poetry: What's O'Clock (Amy Lowell)
History: A History of the United States (Edward Channing [5 of 6 Vol])
Biography: The Life of Sir William Osler, 2 vols. (Harvey Cushing)


Fiction: Early Autumn (Louis Bromfield)
Drama: In Abraham's Bosom (Paul Green)
Poetry: Fiddler's Farewell (Leonora Speyer)
History: Pinckney's Treaty (Samuel Flagg Bemis)
Biography: Whitman (Emory Holloway)


Fiction: The Bridge of San Luis Rey (Thornton Wilder)
Drama: Strange Interlude (Eugene O'Neill)
Poetry: Tristram (Edwin Arlington Robinson)
History: Main Currents in American Thought (Vernon Louis Parrington)
Biography: The American Orchestra and Theodore Thomas (Charles Edward Russell)


Fiction: Scarlet Sister Mary (Julia Peterkin)
Drama: Street Scene (Elmer Rice)
Poetry: John Brown's Body (Stephen Vincent Benét)
History: The Organization and Administration of the Union Army, 1861–1865 (Fred Albert Shannon)
Biography: The Training of an American: The Earlier Life and Letters of Walter H. Page (Burton J. Hendrick)


Fiction: Laughing Boy (Oliver La Farge)
Drama: The Green Pastures (Marc Connelly)
Poetry: Selected Poems (Conrad Aiken)
History: The War of Independence (Claude H. Van Tyne)
Biography: The Raven (Marquis James)


Fiction: Years of Grace (Margaret Ayer Barnes)
Drama: Alison's House (Susan Glaspell)
Poetry: Collected Poems (Robert Frost)
History: The Coming of the War, 1914 (Bernadotte E. Schmitt)
Biography: Charles W. Eliot (Henry James)


Fiction: The Good Earth (Pearl S. Buck)
Drama: Of Thee I Sing (George S. Kaufman, Morrie Ryskind, Ira Gershwin,)
Poetry: The Flowering Stone (George Dillon)
History: My Experiences in the World War (John J. Pershing)
Biography: Theodore Roosevelt (Henry F. Pringle)


Fiction: The Store (Thomas Sigismund Stribling)
Drama: Both Your Houses (Maxwell Anderson)
Poetry: Conquistador (Archibald MacLeish)
History: The Significance of Sections in American History (Frederick J. Turner)
Biography: Grover Cleveland (Allan Nevins)


Fiction: Lamb in His Bosom (Caroline Miller)
Drama: Men in White (Sidney Kingsley)
Poetry: Collected Verse (Robert Hillyer)
History: The People's Choice (Herbert Agar)
Biography: John Hay (Tyler Dennett)


Fiction: Now in November (Josephine Winslow Johnson)
Drama: The Old Maid (Zoë Akins)
Poetry: Bright Ambush (Audrey Wurdemann)
History: The Colonial Period of American History (Charles McLean Andrews)
Biography: R. E. Lee (Douglas S. Freeman)


Fiction: Honey in the Horn (Harold L. Davis)
Drama: Idiot's Delight (Robert E. Sherwood)
Poetry: Strange Holiness (Robert P. T. Coffin)
History: A Constitutional History of the United States (Andrew C. McLaughlin)
Biography: The Thought and Character of William James (Ralph Barton Perry)


Fiction: Gone with the Wind (Margaret Mitchell)
Drama: You Can't Take it with You (Moss Hart, George S. Kaufman)
Poetry: A Further Range (Robert Frost)
History: The Flowering of New England, 1815–1865 (Van Wyck Brooks)
Biography: Hamilton Fish (Allan Nevins)


Fiction: The Late George Apley (John Phillips Marquand)
Drama: Our Town (Thornton Wilder)
Poetry: Cold Morning Sky (Marya Zaturenska)
History: The Road to Reunion, 1865–1900 (Paul Herman Buck)
Biography: Pedlar's Progress (Odell Shepard)
Biography: Andrew Jackson, 2 vols. (Marquis James)


Fiction: The Yearling (Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings)
Drama: Abe Lincoln in Illinois (Robert E. Sherwood)
Poetry: Selected Poems (John Gould Fletcher)
History: A History of American Magazines (Frank Luther Mott)
Biography: Benjamin Franklin (Carl Van Doren)


Fiction: The Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck)
Drama: The Time of Your Life (William Saroyan)
Poetry: Collected Poems (Mark Van Doren)
History: Abraham Lincoln: The War Years (Carl Sandburg)
Biography: Woodrow Wilson, Life and Letters. Vols. VII and VIII (Ray Stannard Baker)


Fiction: For Whom The Bell Tolls (Ernest Hemingway)
Drama: There Shall Be No Night (Robert E. Sherwood)
Poetry: Sunderland Capture (Leonard Bacon)
History: The Atlantic Migration, 1607–1860 (Marcus Lee Hansen)
Biography: Jonathan Edwards, 1703-1758: a biography (Ola Elizabeth Winslow)


Fiction: In This Our Life (Ellen Glasgow)
Poetry: The Dust Which Is God (William Rose Benét)
History: Reveille in Washington, 1860–1865 (Margaret Leech)
Biography: Crusader in Crinoline: The Life of Harriet Beecher Stowe (Forrest Wilson)


Fiction: Dragon's Teeth (Upton Sinclair)
Drama: The Skin of Our Teeth (Thornton Wilder)
Poetry: A Witness Tree (Robert Frost)
History: Paul Revere and the World He Lived In (Esther Forbes)
Biography: Admiral of the Ocean Sea (Samuel Eliot Morison)


Fiction: Journey in the Dark (Martin Flavin)
Poetry: Western Star (Stephen Vincent Benét)
History: The Growth of American Thought (Merle Curti)
Biography: The American Leonardo: The Life of Samuel F. B. Morse (Carleton Mabee)


Fiction: A Bell for Adano (John Hersey)
Drama: Harvey (Mary Coyle Chase)
Poetry: V-Letter and Other Poems (Karl Shapiro)
History: Unfinished Business (Stephen Bonsal)
Biography: George Bancroft: Brahmin Rebel (Russel Blaine Nye)


Drama: State of the Union (Russel Crouse, Howard Lindsay)
History: The Age of Jackson (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.)
Biography: Son of the Wilderness: The Life of John Muir (Linnie Marsh Wolfe)


Fiction: All the King's Men (Robert Penn Warren)
Poetry: Lord Weary's Castle (Robert Lowell)
History: Scientists Against Time (James Phinney Baxter III)
Biography: The Autobiography of William Allen White (William Allen White)


Fiction: Tales of the South Pacific (James A. Michener)
Drama: A Streetcar Named Desire (Tennessee Williams)
Poetry: The Age of Anxiety (W. H. Auden)
History: Across the Wide Missouri (Bernard DeVoto)
Biography: Forgotten First Citizen: John Bigelow (Margaret Clapp)


Fiction: Guard of Honor (James Gould Cozzens)
Drama: Death of a Salesman (Arthur Miller)
Poetry: Terror and Decorum (Peter Viereck)
History: The Disruption of American Democracy (Roy Franklin Nichols)
Biography: Roosevelt and Hopkins (Robert E. Sherwood)


Fiction: The Way West (A. B. Guthrie, Jr.)
Drama: South Pacific (Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Joshua Logan)
Poetry: Annie Allen (Gwendolyn Brooks)
History: Art and Life in America (Oliver W. Larkin)
Biography: John Quincy Adams and the Foundations of American Foreign Policy (Samuel Flagg Bemis)


Fiction: The Town (Conrad Richter)
Poetry: Complete Poems (Carl Sandburg)
History: The Old Northwest, Pioneer Period 1815–1840 (R. Carlyle Buley)
Biography: John C. Calhoun: American Portrait (Margaret Louise Coit)


Fiction: The Caine Mutiny (Herman Wouk)
Drama: The Shrike (Joseph Kramm)
Poetry: Collected Poems (Marianne Moore)
History: The Uprooted (Oscar Handlin)
Biography: Charles Evans Hughes (Merlo J. Pusey)


Fiction: The Old Man and the Sea (Ernest Hemingway)
Drama: Picnic (William Inge)
Poetry: Collected Poems 1917–1952 (Archibald MacLeish)
History: The Era of Good Feelings (George Dangerfield)
Biography: Edmund Pendleton 1721–1803 (David J. Mays)


Drama: The Teahouse of the August Moon (John Patrick)
Poetry: The Waking (Theodore Roethke)
History: A Stillness at Appomattox (Bruce Catton)
Biography: The Spirit of St. Louis (Charles A. Lindbergh)


Fiction: A Fable (William Faulkner)
Drama: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Tennessee Williams)
Poetry: Collected Poems (Wallace Stevens)
History: Great River: The Rio Grande in North American History (Paul Horgan)
Biography: The Taft Story (William S. White)


Fiction: Andersonville (MacKinlay Kantor)
Drama: The Diary of Anne Frank (Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich)
Poetry: Poems - North & South (Elizabeth Bishop)
History: The Age of Reform (Richard Hofstadter)
Biography: Benjamin Henry Latrobe (Talbot Faulkner Hamlin)


Fiction: The Voice At The Back Door (Elizabeth Spencer)
Drama: Long Day's Journey into Night (Eugene O'Neill)
Poetry: Things of This World (Richard Wilbur)
History: Russia Leaves the War: Soviet-American Relations, 1917–1920 (George F. Kennan)
Biography: Profiles in Courage (John F. Kennedy)


Fiction: A Death in the Family (James Agee [posthumous win])
Drama: Look Homeward, Angel (Ketti Frings)
Poetry: Promises: Poems 1954-1956 (Robert Penn Warren)
History: Banks and Politics in America (Bray Hammond)
Biography: George Washington, Volumes I-VI
George Washington, Volume VII
(Douglas Southall Freeman, John Alexander Carroll and Mary Wells Ashworth)


Fiction: The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters (Robert Lewis Taylor)
Drama: J.B. (Archibald MacLeish)
Poetry: Selected Poems 1928-1958 (Stanley Kunitz)
History: The Republican Era: 1869–1901 (Leonard D. White and Jean Schneider)
Biography: Woodrow Wilson, American Prophet (Arthur Walworth)


Fiction: Advise and Consent (Allen Drury)
Drama: Fiorello! (Jerome Weidman, George Abbott, Jerry Bock, and Sheldon Harnick)
Poetry: Heart's Needle (W. D. Snodgrass)
History: In the Days of McKinley (Margaret Leech)
Biography: John Paul Jones (Samuel Eliot Morison)


Fiction: To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee)
Drama: All the Way Home (Tad Mosel)
Poetry: Times Three: Selected Verse From Three Decades (Phyllis McGinley)
History: Between War and Peace: The Potsdam Conference (Herbert Feis)
Biography: Charles Sumner and the Coming of the Civil War (David Donald)


Fiction: The Edge of Sadness (Edwin O'Connor)
Drama: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (Frank Loesser and Abe Burrows)
Poetry: Poems (Alan Dugan)
History: The Triumphant Empire: Thunder-Clouds Gather in the West, 1763–1766 (Lawrence H. Gipson)
Nonfiction: The Making of the President, 1960 (Theodore White)


Fiction: The Reivers (William Faulkner [posthumous win])
Poetry: Pictures from Brueghel (William Carlos Williams)
History: Washington, Village and Capital, 1800–1878 (Constance McLaughlin Green)
Biography: Henry James (Leon Edel)
Nonfiction: The Guns of August (Barbara W. Tuchman)


Poetry: At The End Of The Open Road (Louis Simpson)
History: Puritan Village: The Formation of a New England Town (Sumner Chilton Powell)
Biography: John Keats (Walter Jackson Bate)
Nonfiction: Anti-intellectualism in American Life (Richard Hofstadter)


Fiction: The Keepers of the House (Shirley Ann Grau)
Drama: The Subject Was Roses (Frank D. Gilroy)
Poetry: 77 Dream Songs (John Berryman)
History: The Greenback Era (Irwin Unger)
Biography: Henry Adams, 3 vols., (Ernest Samuels)
Nonfiction: O Strange New World (Howard Mumford Jones)


Fiction: The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter (Katherine Anne Porter)
Poetry: Selected Poems (Richard Eberhart)
History: The Life of the Mind in America (Perry Miller)
Biography: A Thousand Days (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.)
Nonfiction: Wandering Through Winter (Edwin Way Teale)


Fiction: The Fixer (Bernard Malamud)
Drama: A Delicate Balance (Edward Albee)
Poetry: Live or Die (Anne Sexton)
History: Exploration and Empire: The Explorer and the Scientist in the Winning of the American West (William H. Goetzmann)
Biography: Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain (Justin Kaplan)
Nonfiction: The Problem of Slavery in Western Culture (David Brion Davis)


Fiction: The Confessions of Nat Turner (William Styron)
Poetry: The Hard Hours (Anthony Hecht)
History: The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution (Bernard Bailyn)
Biography: Memoirs (George Frost Kennan)
Nonfiction: Rousseau and Revolution, vol. 10 of The Story of Civilization, (Will and Ariel Durant.)


Fiction: House Made of Dawn (N. Scott Momaday)
Drama: The Great White Hope (Howard Sackler)
Poetry: Of Being Numerous (George Oppen)
History: Origins of the Fifth Amendment (Leonard W. Levy)
Biography: The Man From New York: John Quinn and His Friends (Benjamin Lawrence Reid)
Nonfiction: So Human an Animal (Rene Jules Dubos)
Nonfiction: The Armies of the Night (Norman Mailer)


Fiction: The Collected Stories of Jean Stafford (Jean Stafford)
Drama: No Place to be Somebody (Charles Gordone)
Poetry: Untitled Subjects (Richard Howard)
History: Present at the Creation: My Years in the State Department (Dean Acheson)
Biography: Huey Long (Thomas Harry Williams)
Nonfiction: Gandhi's Truth (Erik H. Erikson)


Drama: The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds (Paul Zindel)
Poetry: The Carrier of Ladders (William S. Merwin)
History: Roosevelt: The Soldier Of Freedom (James MacGregor Burns)
Biography: Robert Frost: The Years of Triumph, 1915–1938, (Lawrence Thompson)
Nonfiction: The Rising Sun (John Toland)


Fiction: Angle of Repose (Wallace Stegner)
Poetry: Collected Poems (James Wright)
History: Neither Black nor White (Carl N. Degler)
Biography: Eleanor and Franklin (Joseph P. Lash)
Nonfiction: Stilwell and the American Experience in China, 1911-45 (Barbara W. Tuchman)


Fiction: The Optimist's Daughter (Eudora Welty)
Drama: That Championship Season (Jason Miller)
Poetry: Up Country (Maxine Kumin)
History: People of Paradox: An Inquiry Concerning the Origins of American Civilization (Michael Kammen)
Biography: Luce and His Empire (W. A. Swanberg)
Nonfiction: Fire in the Lake: The Vietnamese and the Americans in Vietnam (Frances FitzGerald)
Nonfiction: Children of Crisis, vols. 2 and 3, (Robert Coles)


Fiction: Gravity's Rainbow (Thomas Pynchon)
Poetry: The Dolphin (Robert Lowell)
History: The Americans: The Democratic Experience (Daniel J. Boorstin)
Biography: O'Neill, Son and Artist (Louis Sheaffer)
Nonfiction: The Denial of Death (Ernest Becker)


Fiction: The Killer Angels (Michael Shaara)
Drama: Seascape (Edward Albee)
Poetry: Turtle Island (Gary Snyder)
History: Jefferson and His Time (Dumas Malone)
Biography: The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York (Robert Caro)
Nonfiction: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (Annie Dillard)


Fiction: Humboldt's Gift (Saul Bellow)
Drama: A Chorus Line (Michael Bennett, Nicholas Dante and James Kirkwood, Jr., Marvin Hamlisch and Edward Kleban)
Poetry: Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror (John Ashbery)
History: Lamy of Santa Fe (Paul Horgan)
Biography: Edith Wharton: A Biography (R. W. B. Lewis)
Nonfiction: Why Survive? Being Old In America (Robert Neil Butler)


Fiction: A River Runs Through It (Norman MacLean)
Fiction: Roots (Alex Haley [special Pulitzer Prize])
Drama: The Shadow Box (Michael Cristofer)
Poetry: Divine Comedies (James Merrill)
History: The Impending Crisis, 1848–1861 (David M. Potter (Completed and edited by Don E. Fehrenbacher)
Biography: A Prince of Our Disorder: The Life of T E. Lawrence (John E. Mack)
Nonfiction: Beautiful Swimmers (William W. Warner)


Fiction: Elbow Room (James Alan McPherson)
Drama: The Gin Game (Donald L. Coburn)
Poetry: Collected Poems (Howard Nemerov)
History: The Visible Hand: The Managerial Revolution in American Business (Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.)
Biography: Samuel Johnson (Walter Jackson Bate)
Nonfiction: The Dragons of Eden (Carl Sagan)


Fiction: The Stories of John Cheever (John Cheever)
Drama: Buried Child (Sam Shepard)
Poetry: Now and Then (Robert Penn Warren)
History: The Dred Scott Case: Its Significance in American Law and Politics (Don E. Fehrenbacher)
Biography: Days of Sorrow and Pain: Leo Baeck and the Berlin Jews (Leonard Baker)
Nonfiction: On Human Nature (Edward O. Wilson)

[Beginning in 1980 finalists were announced along with winners in some categories. Below, all winners are marked with a "W" and finalists with an "F."]


Fiction (W): The Executioner's Song (Norman Mailer)
Fiction (F): Birdy (William Wharton)
Fiction (F): The Ghost Writer (Philip Roth)
Drama (W): Talley's Folly (Lanford Wilson)
Poetry (W): Selected Poems (Donald Justice)
Poetry (F): Selected Poems (Richard Hugo)
Poetry (F): Goshawk, Antelope (Dave Smith)
History (W): Been in the Storm So Long (Leon F. Litwack)
History (F): The Plains Across (John B. Unruh)
History (F): The Urban Crucible (Gary B. Nash)
Biography (W): The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (Edmund Morris)
Biography (F): Bernard Berenson, The Making of a Connoisseur (Ernest Samuels)
Biography (F): The Duke of Deception (Geoffrey Wolff)
Biography (F): Being Bernard Berenson (Meryle Secrest)
Nonfiction (W): Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid (Douglas Hofstadter)
Nonfiction (F): The Madwoman in the Attic (Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar)
Nonfiction (F): The Medusa and the Snail (Lewis Thomas)


Fiction (W): A Confederacy of Dunces (John Kennedy Toole [posthumous win])
Fiction (F): Godric (Frederick Buechner)
Fiction (F): So Long, See You Tomorrow (William Maxwell)
Drama (W): Crimes of the Heart (Beth Henley)
Poetry (W): The Morning of the Poem (James Schuyler)
Poetry (F): The Right Madness on Skye (Richard Hugo)
Poetry (F): Selected Poems (Mark Strand)
History (W): American Education: The National Experience, 1783–1876 (Lawrence A. Cremin)
History (F): A Search for Power: The 'Weaker Sex' in Seventeenth Century New England (Lyle Koehler)
History (F): Over Here: The First World War and American Society (David M. Kennedy)
Biography (W): Peter the Great: His Life and World (Robert K. Massie)
Biography (F): Walt Whitman: A Life (Justin Kaplan)
Biography (F): Walter Lippmann and the American Century (Ronald Steel)
Nonfiction (W): Fin-de-Siècle Vienna: Politics and Culture (Carl E. Schorske)
Nonfiction (F): China Men (Maxine Hong Kingston)
Nonfiction (F): Goodbye, Darkness: A Memoir of the Pacific War (William Manchester)
Nonfiction (F): Southerners: A Journalist's Odyssey (Marshall Frady)


Fiction (W): Rabbit Is Rich (John Updike)
Fiction (F): A Flag for Sunrise (Robert Stone)
Fiction (F): Housekeeping (Marilynne Robinson)
Drama (W): A Soldier's Play (Charles Fuller)
Poetry (W): The Collected Poems (Sylvia Plath)
Poetry (F): The Southern Cross (Charles Wright)
Poetry (F): Dream Flights (Dave Smith)
History (W): Mary Chesnut's Civil War (C. Vann Woodward)
History (F): Power and Culture: The Japanese-American War, 1941-1945 (Akira Iriye)
History (F): White Supremacy: A Comparative Study in American & South African History (George M. Frederickson)
Biography (W): Grant: A Biography (William S. McFeely)
Biography (F): Mornings on Horseback (David McCullough)
Biography (F): Waldo Emerson (Gay Wilson Allen)
Nonfiction (W): The Soul of a New Machine (Tracy Kidder)
Nonfiction (F): Basin and Range (John McPhee)
Nonfiction (F): Mrs. Harris: The Death of the Scarsdale Diet Doctor (Diana Trilling)


Fiction (W): The Color Purple (Alice Walker)
Fiction (F): Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant (Anne Tyler)
Fiction (F): Rabbis and Wives (Chaim Grade)
Drama (W): 'night, Mother (Marsha Norman)
Drama (F): True West (Sam Shepard)
Poetry (W): Selected Poems (Galway Kinnell)
Poetry (F): Monolithos, Poems, 1962 and 1982 (Jack Gilbert)
Poetry (F): Country Music, Selected Early Poems (Charles Wright)
History (W): The Transformation of Virginia, 1740–1790 (Rhys L. Isaac)
History (F): Southern Honor: Ethics & Behavior in the Old South (Bertram Wyatt-Brown)
History (F): The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution, 1763-1789 (Robert L. Middlekauff)
Biography (W): Growing Up (Russell Baker)
Biography (F): Thomas E. Dewey and His Times (Richard Norton Smith)
Biography (F): Churchill: Young Man in a Hurry, 1874-1915 (Ted Morgan)
Nonfiction (W): Is There No Place on Earth for Me? (Susan Sheehan)
Nonfiction (F): The Fate of the Earth (Jonathan Schell)
Nonfiction (F): Terrorists and Novelists (Diane Johnson)


Fiction (W): Ironweed (William Kennedy)
Fiction (F): Cathedral (Raymond Carver)
Fiction (F): The Feud (Thomas Berger)
Drama (W): Glengarry Glen Ross (David Mamet)
Drama (F): Fool for Love (Sam Shepard)
Drama (F): Painting Churches (Tina Howe)
Poetry (W): American Primitive (Mary Oliver)
Poetry (F): Weather-Fear: New and Selected Poems (John Engels)
Poetry (F): Collected Poems, 1930-1982 (Josephine Miles)
Biography (W): Booker T. Washington: The Wizard of Tuskegee, 1901–1915 (Louis R. Harlan)
Biography (F): Carlyle: A Biography (Fred Kaplan Thomas)
Biography (F): Black Apollo of Science: the Life of Ernest Everett Just (Kenneth Manning)
Nonfiction (W): The Social Transformation of American Medicine (Paul Starr)
Nonfiction (F): Conversations With the Enemy (Winston Groom and Duncan Spencer)
Nonfiction (F): Endless Enemies (Jonathan Kwitny)


Fiction (W): Foreign Affairs (Alison Lurie)
Fiction (F): I Wish This War Were Over (Diana O'Hehir)
Fiction (F): Leaving the Land (Douglas Unger)
Drama (W): Sunday in the Park with George (James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim)
Drama (F): The Dining Room (A. R. Gurney)
Drama (F): The Gospel at Colonus (Lee Breuer, Bob Telson)
Poetry (W): Yin (Carolyn Kizer)
Poetry (F): The Other Side of the River (Charles Wright)
Poetry (F): Ground Work (Robert Duncan)
History (W): Prophets of Regulation (Thomas K. McCraw)
History (F): The Crucible of Race (Joel Williamson)
History (F): The Great Father: The United States Government and the American Indians (Francis Paul Prucha)
Biography (W): The Life and Times of Cotton Mather (Kenneth Silverman)
Biography (F): Becoming William James (Howard M. Feinstein)
Biography (F): The Seven Mountains of Thomas Merton (Michael Mott)
Nonfiction (W): The Good War: An Oral History of World War Two (Studs Terkel)
Nonfiction (F): Endless Enemies (Jonathan Kwitny)
Nonfiction (F): Dawn to the West (Donald Keene)


Fiction (W): Lonesome Dove (Larry McMurtry)
Fiction (F): The Accidental Tourist (Anne Tyler)
Fiction (F): Continental Drift (Russell Banks)
Poetry (W): The Flying Change (Henry S. Taylor)
Poetry (F): Selected Poems, 1963-1983 (Charles Simic)
Poetry (F): Saints and Strangers (Andrew Hudgins)
History (W): ...the Heavens and the Earth: A Political History of the Space Age (Walter A. McDougall)
History (F): Emigrants and Exiles: Ireland and the Irish Exodus to North America (Kerby A. Miller)
History (F): Labor of Love, Labor of Sorrow: Black Women, Work and the Family from Slavery to the Present (Jacqueline Jones)
History (F): Novus Ordo Seclorum: the Intellectual Origins of the Constitution (Forrest McDonald)
Biography (W): Louise Bogan: A Portrait (Elizabeth Frank)
Biography (F): A Hidden Childhood: A Jewish Girl's Sanctuary in a French Convent, 1942-1945 (Frida Scheps Weinstein)
Biography (F): George Washington Williams: A Biography (John Hope Franklin)
Nonfiction (W): Common Ground: A Turbulent Decade in the Lives of Three American Families (J. Anthony Lukas)
Nonfiction (W): Move Your Shadow: South Africa, Black and White (Joseph Lelyveld)
Nonfiction (F): Habits and the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life (Robert Neelly Bellah)


Fiction (W): A Summons to Memphis (Peter Taylor)
Fiction (F): Paradise (Donald Barthelme)
Fiction (F): Whites (Norman Rush)
Drama (W): Fences (August Wilson)
Drama (F): Broadway Bound (Neil Simon)
Drama (F): A Walk in the Woods (Lee Blessing)
Poetry (W): Thomas and Beulah (Rita Dove)
Poetry (F): Unending Blues (Charles Simic)
Poetry (F): The Selected Poetry of Hayden Carruth (Hayden Carruth)
History (W): Voyagers to the West: A Passage in the Peopling of America on the Eve of the Revolution (Bernard Bailyn)
History (F): Bearing the Cross: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (David J. Garrow)
History (F): Eisenhower: At War, 1943-1945 (David Eisenhower)
Biography (W): Bearing the Cross: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (David J. Garrow)
Biography (F): Murrow: His Life and Times (A.M. Sperber)
Biography (F): Dostoevsky: The Stir of Liberation, 1860-1865 (Joseph Frank)
Biography (F): The Life and Times of Congressman John Quincy Adams (Leonard L. Richards)
Nonfiction (W): Arab and Jew: Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land (David K. Shipler)
Nonfiction (F): Rising from the Plains (John McPhee)
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Drama (F): In the Heights (Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes)
Poetry (W): The Shadow of Sirius (W. S. Merwin)
Poetry (F): What Love Comes To: New & Selected Poems (Ruth Stone)
Poetry (F): Watching the Spring Festival (Frank Bidart)
History (W): The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family (Annette Gordon-Reed)
History (F): The Liberal Hour: Washington and the Politics of Change in the (G. Calvin Mackenzie and Robert Weisbrot)
History (F): This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War (Drew Gilpin Faust)
Biography (W): American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House (Jon Meacham)
Biography (F): Traitor to His Class: The Privileged Life and Radical Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (H.W. Brands)
Biography (F): The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century (Steve Coll)
Nonfiction (W): Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II (Douglas A. Blackmon)
Nonfiction (F): The Bitter Road to Freedom: A New History of the Liberation of Europe (William I. Hitchcock)
Nonfiction (F): Gandhi and Churchill: The Epic Rivalry That Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age (Arthur L. Herman)


Fiction (W): Tinkers (Paul Harding)
Fiction (F): In Other Rooms, Other Wonders (Daniyal Mueenuddin)
Fiction (F): Love in Infant Monkeys (Lydia Millet)
Drama (W): Next to Normal (Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey)
Drama (F): Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo (Rajiv Joseph)
Drama (F): The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity (Kristoffer Diaz)
Drama (F): In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) (Sarah Ruhl)
Poetry (W): Versed (Rae Armantrout)
Poetry (F): Tryst (Angie Estes)
Poetry (F): Inseminating the Elephant (Lucia Perillo)
History (W): Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World (Liaquat Ahamed)
History (F): Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 1789-1815 (Gordon S. Wood)
History (F): Fordlandia: The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford's Forgotten Jungle City (Greg Grandin)
Biography (W): The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt (T.J. Stiles)
Biography (F): Cheever: A Life (Blake Bailey)
Biography (F): Woodrow Wilson: A Biography (John Milton Cooper, Jr.)
Nonfiction (W): The Dead Hand: The Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race and Its Dangerous Legacy (David E. Hoffman)
Nonfiction (F): The Evolution of God (Robert Wright)
Nonfiction (F): How Markets Fail: The Logic of Economic Calamities (John Cassidy)


Fiction (W): A Visit From the Goon Squad (Jennifer Egan)
Fiction (F): The Privileges (Jonathan Dee)
Fiction (F): The Surrendered (Chang-Rae Lee)
Drama (W): Clybourne Park (Bruce Norris)
Drama (F): Detroit (Lisa D'Amour)
Drama (F): A Free Man of Color (John Guare)
Poetry (W): The Best of It: New and Selected Poems (Kay Ryan)
Poetry (F): The Common Man (Maurice Manning)
Poetry (F): Break the Glass (Jean Valentine)
History (W): The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery (Eric Foner)
History (F): Confederate Reckoning: Power and Politics in the Civil War South (Stephanie McCurry)
History (F): Eden on the Charles: The Making of Boston (Michael J. Rawson)
Biography (W): Washington: A Life (Ron Chernow)
Biography (F): The Publisher: Henry Luce and His American Century (Alan Brinkley)
Biography (F): Mrs. Adams in Winter: A Journey in the Last Days of Napoleon (Michael O'Brien)
Nonfiction (W): Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer (Siddhartha Mukherjee)
Nonfiction (F): The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains (Nicholas G. Carr)
Nonfiction (F): Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History (S.C. Gwynne)


Fiction (F): Train Dreams (Denis Johnson)
Fiction (F): Swamplandia! (Karen Russell)
Fiction (F): The Pale King (David Foster Wallace)
Drama (W): Water by the Spoonful (Quiara Alegría Hudes)
Drama (F): Other Desert Cities (Jon Robin Baitz)
Drama (F): Sons of the Prophet (Stephen Karam)
Poetry (W): Life on Mars (Tracy K. Smith)
Poetry (F): How Long (Ron Padgett)
Poetry (F): Core Samples from the World (Forrest Gander)
History (W): Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention (Manning Marable)
History (F): Empires, Nations & Families: A History of the North American West, 1800-1860 (Anne F. Hyde)
History (F): The Eleventh Day: The Full Story of 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden (Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan)
History (F): Railroaded: The Transcontinentals and the Making of Modern America (Richard White)
Biography (W): George F. Kennan: An American Life (John Lewis Gaddis)
Biography (F): Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention (Manning Marable)
Biography (F): Love and Capital: Karl and Jenny Marx and the Birth of a Revolution (Mary Gabriel)
Nonfiction (W): The Swerve: How the World Became Modern (Stephen Greenblatt)
Nonfiction (F): One Hundred Names For Love: A Stroke, a Marriage, and the Language of Healing (Diane Ackerman)
Nonfiction (F): Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men (Mara Hvistendahl)


Fiction (W): The Orphan Master's Son (Adam Johnson)
Fiction (F): What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank (Nathan Englander)
Fiction (F): The Snow Child (Eowyn Ivey)
Drama (W): Disgraced (Ayad Akhtar)
Drama (F): Rapture, Blister, Burn (Gina Gionfriddo)
Drama (F): 4000 Miles (Amy Herzog)
Poetry (W): Stag's Leap (Sharon Olds)
Poetry (F): The Abundance of Nothing (Bruce Weigl)
Poetry (F): Collected Poems (Jack Gilbert)
History (W): Embers of War: The Fall of an Empire and the Making of America’s Vietnam (Fredrik Logevall)
History (F): The Barbarous Years: The Peopling of British North America: The Conflict of Civilizations, 1600-1675 (Bernard Bailyn)
History (F): Lincoln’s Code: The Laws of War in American History (John Fabian Witt)
Biography (W): The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo (Tom Reiss)
Biography (F): The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy (David Nasaw)
Biography (F): Portrait of a Novel: Henry James and the Making of an American Masterpiece (Michael Gorra)
Nonfiction (W): Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America (Gilbert King)
Nonfiction (F): Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity (Katherine Boo)
Nonfiction (F): The Forest Unseen: A Year's Watch in Nature (David George Haskell)


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